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UiTM Energy & Facilities Sdn Bhd (UEFSB) is a company with a vision to become a Leader in the Energy Industry via Technology and Digitalisation of Renewable Energy. UEFSB envisions itself as a Disruptor of the Energy industry in Malaysia, by Pioneering in the Generation, Aggregation and Distribution of Renewable Energy.

We believe in Sustainable Growth.

Malaysia's National Green Technology Masterplan 2030 outlines strategic plans for green technology development, in its pursuit of sustainable economic growth. It requires focus on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

UiTM Energy & Facilities Sdn Bhd (UEFSB) provides sustainable solutions through:

Renewable Energy | Energy Efficiency | Asset Management

Sustainable Asset Investment
UiTM Energy & Facilities spearheads the development of the nation’s Renewable Energy industry by investing in, financing and owning Renewable Energy assets and projects. This encompasses large scale solar power plants, bio energy plants, solar rooftop installations as well as energy performance contracting solutions.

Our offerings include:

  • o Asset Financing
  • o Asset Investment
  • o Asset Ownership
  • Sustainable Asset Development
    Our success in undertaking the full project cycle of developing and commissioning two large scale solar plants with a total capacity of 96 MWp and another 11 MWp of rooftop solar capacity on seven UiTM campuses, is testimony of our capability and expertise in developing large scale and small scale solar installations.

    Our offerings include:

  • o Project Feasibility
  • o Project Delivery
  • o Project Management
  • Sustainable Asset Management
    We help extend the useful life of RE facilities through predictive maintenance programmes based on the smart management of big data, AI and machine learning technologies. Our solutions contribute towards extending the life of the energy assets, maximise output and save cost.

    Our offerings include:

  • o Property Development and Management
  • o Facilities Management
  • o Asset and Portfolio Optimisation

    UiTM Energy & Facilities Sdn Bhd (UEFSB) is part of the UiTM Holdings Group, which is wholly owned by UiTM. The Group has 9 subsidiaries with a highly diversified business portfolio, ranging from Energy, Facilities Management, Hospitality, Healthcare, Information & Technology and the Creative Industry. With an annual Group revenue of over RM 60 mil, the Group aims to increase this figure to RM 1 bil via the expansion into the Energy sector.

    UEFSB represents the Energy division under the UiTM Group of Companies. It has three subsidiaries responsible for Renewable Energy investment, development and management:

    UiTM Solar Power Sdn Bhd (USPSB)
    USPSB is UEFSB's Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) that owns and operates the 50 MW UiTM Solar Park I in Gambang, Pahang. This SPV owns the 21 year Power Purchase concession with Tenaga Nasional Berhad.

    UiTM Solar Power Dua Sdn Bhd (USPDSB)
    USPDSB is UEFSB's Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) that owns, and when operational, operates the 25 MW UiTM Solar Park II in Pasir Gudang, Johor. This SPV owns the 21 year Power Purchase concession with Tenaga Nasional Berhad.

    GO Energy Sdn Bhd (GESB)

    GESB is UEFSB's SPV that manages develops and manages all the Solar Rooftop Facilities housed on the UiTM campuses nationwide. It has successfully installed and commisioned over 11 MWp solar generating capacity on the rooftops of seven UiTM campuses.

    03. WORKS

    UiTM Solar Park I World's First ASEAN Green SRI Sukuk

    Commissioned in April 2019, the UiTM Solar Park I is a 50 MW Large Scale Solar Plant in Gambang, Pahang. owned and operated by UEFSB, via its Special Purpose Vechicle, UiTM Solar Power Sdn Bhd. With this project, UiTM is the world's first university to finance a green project via the issuance of ASEAN Green SRI Sukuk.

    UiTM Solar Research Centre Malaysia's Innovative Research Centre for RE

    The UiTM Solar Park I houses a state of the art Operations Control Centre which comprises a research centre on Renewable Energy and also UiTM's Digital Interactive Gallery. This "must-see" gallery is an interactive digital gallery showcasing UiTM’s vision of Sustainability using interactive digital exhibits..

    UiTM Solar Park II 25MW Large Scale Solar Facility in Pasir Gudang

    Commissioned in December 2020, this is the second large scale solar power facility to be owned by UiTM. With USP II, UiTM now contributes to CO2 avoidance by over 11,000 tonnes per year, propelling UEFSB as a bona fide leader in Renewable Energy.

    Energy Performance Contracting Providing Savings on Energy Expenditure for INTEC

    INTEC is UiTM’s Private Institution of Higher Learning. Via this Energy Performance Contract for a period of 7 years, INTEC is enjoying a savings of over 10% on its energy expenditure every year. With this scheme, INTEC shares its savings with UEFSB at ZERO CAPEX.

    UiTM Green Campus Providing Savings on Energy Expenditure for UiTM

    We have commenced implementation of the UiTM Green Campus Project for UiTM campuses nationwide. Go Energy will invest in, install and manage Solar Power generating facilities on the rooftops of UiTM buildings nationwide. Currently installed on the first seven campuses, this initiative is already providing a net savings of over 6% per annum on energy expenditure to UiTM.


    First Public University to Issue ASEAN Green SRI Sukuk

    Public University with the Largest Solar Power Generation Facilities

    First Malaysian Public University to Own a Commercially Operated Solar Power Generation Facility

    Sustainable Champion Award 2018
    USPSB obtained the Sustainable Champion Award 2018 from Malaysian Rating Agency Corporation's Lead Managers League Table Awards.

    Excellence in Sustainability Award 2018
    USPSB obtained the Excellence in Sustainability Award 2018 from Institute of Engineering and Technology.

    Best Green SRI Sukuk Award 2018
    UEFSB obtained the Best Green SRI Sukuk Award 2019 from the Asset Asian Awards.

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